Skyland HOM


Operating since 2006, DesignFloor, as a roof brand, strengthens its place and trust in the sector day by day with the products of qualified flooring brands that incorporate the latest developments in technology.
DesignFloor, which has brands with Hi-Tech Laminate Flooring, Laminated Flooring and LVT flooring options in its portfolio, transforms the most aesthetic textures of nature into floor coverings that can be used in every typology. DesignFloor is in the position of a brand that loves nature, takes inspiration from it and produces without harming it, with the sustainability policy it has adopted throughout its field of activity and the care it takes to protect the existence of sustainable forests. The brand, which has created a huge service network with more than 135 sales points in Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia, expands the boundaries of quality flooring service every day, it shapes all the connotations of “parquet” around itself, and establishes its work focus around the thought of “human”. We are waiting for you at the new showroom opened in Skyland HOM Decoration Center!