Skyland HOM

Kein Design Studio

KEIN DESIGN STUDIO was established in 2019 by Architecht Baran Aslan. Aslan succeeded in many significant projects which lead the way in Turk’s interior design sector; bringing to life indoor and outdoor space projects with a design-focused idea. Aslan blends design and industry with ethical values and sustainable production understanding with the KEIN team which consists of Turk designers having the idea of innovative creation. Aslan follows changing and evolving design phenomenons worldwide by each product that he designed strategically deriving from statistics of global and local data and behaviors.

Any product that is designed in KEIN DESIGN STUDIO is born by master handicraftsmen to which local artisanship is applied. Does collaboration with global designers and modern artists. Thus, creates modern furniture and objects for indoor and outdoor spaces under the light of art and craft. Eventually, Aslan develops a new way of experience and design understanding that is reinterpretable and blended with the traditional and modern.

All creatures of KEIN DESIGN STUDIO brands’ living areas which located in the Skyland HOM Decoration Center.

Art and craft!