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Loda was established in Istanbul in 2000 as a shareholding of Tech Design Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Loda is maintaining its societal and environmentally-conscious production understanding by blending human labor with high-tech tools. Our pioneer brand in the furniture sector is among the prestigious furniture producers in Turkey with a wide product range, and ideas of design that leads to novelties, quality standards, and post-sale services.
Loda embraces a vision of being a global player in the furniture industry and creates a wide network of stores in the Middle East and Europe as well as in Turkey. Loda aims to grow on a global scale with its foreign investments; has stores in Azerbaijan, the USA, Oman, Dubai, Pakistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Germany, Nigeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Romania, Hungary, and Poland.
Loda with its knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in the furniture industry, continues its production in a total closed area of 15.000 m² with 250 employees. Our brand is known for being the pioneer of innovations and firsts in the sector; serves its customers with the idea of “Concept Furniture” by producing bedrooms, dining rooms, sofa groups, TV units, and furniture accessories in modern and loft furniture style.