Skyland HOM


Founded in the Netherlands in the early 1980s, Montel achieved many successes in becoming a leader in the sector by moving it to Turkey in 1997 in line with the supply of labor and the desire to return to Turkey.

At the beginning of the 2000s, it expanded its production area by revising it and started to operate in a closed area of 20.000m2 within a 35.000m2 area.

As of 2005, it aimed to reach more retail customers by giving dealerships in Europe and Turkey. It grows every year in terms of dealerships and sales points. It started to export to America, Africa, the Middle East, the Turkic Republics and the Republic of China. According to the data announced by the Exporters’ Association, it is among the 10 companies that export the most in the furniture sector.

It actively participates or supports many social responsibility projects in our country.

It has won many awards since its establishment. It received the “Furniture Export” Award 4 times, the “Corporate Tax” Award 3 times, the “Above the Line Sectoral Performance” Award 2 times and the “Innovative Furniture Brand of the Year” Awards.

It produces Wood (Panel Furniture) and Seats with its professional team and carries out R&D studies. With its experience of more than 40 years, it also provides PROJECT service while serving its foreign and domestic customers.


Natural genuine leather and high quality imported fabrics from Italy are preferred in the production of armchairs. Montel exhibits its most trendy products with its new store at the Skyland HOM Decoration Center.