Pink Home

Although the pandemic period was filled with challenges for many, it offered us an opportunity for rediscovery and growth. As a married couple who lost their jobs, we started with a small step to overcome difficult times and sustain our household: making decorative mirrors. This small step soon led us to create wooden mirrors, and then wooden consoles and garden furniture. Our passion and determination took us on an unexpected journey. Within a year, we transformed our business, which we started as a hobby, into a 4,000-square-meter factory that became one of Turkey’s largest handmade wooden furniture manufacturers.

This story also highlights the power of female entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges we faced, as a woman, I managed to survive in this sector and grow our business. With each step, we moved forward with the desire to prove that women can be strong and successful in the business world.

Today, we are proud not only of our production capacity but also of our widespread presence across the country. With our dealers and stores in Batman, Fethiye, Çeşme, Ayvalık, Bodrum, and Istanbul, we bring our handmade wooden furniture to a wider audience. Each of our stores offers our customers not just furniture, but a story and a passion. We bring the warm touch of wood, the uniqueness of handmade products, and the journey of a family filled with big dreams into your homes.

At this point, each piece of our furniture reflects the excitement, determination, and creativity of our first day. We don’t just offer a product to our customers, we offer a story, a legacy. Our craftsmanship, blended with the naturalness of wood, comes to life in each of our creations.

In this adventure that began with a small step during the pandemic period, we will continue to grow and become a leading brand in Turkey’s handmade wooden furniture sector with the support of you, our valued customers. From Batman to Istanbul, in each of our stores, you will find not only quality materials and craftsmanship but also the story of a family’s hope, determination, and success.




Web Site: pinkhometr.com.tr